Brazilian Hair Straightening

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Have you heard about the latest hair straightening trend?
Coming straight out of Brazil, the Brazilian hair straightening system is now one of the most sought after ways of smoothing out unruly hair, taming out of control curls and generally making your locks glossy, smooth and poker straight.

This treatment is neither a relaxer nor a permanent straightening system; instead it naturally straightens your hair. One thing that makes this treatment stand out from others however is the fact that you can have the treatment done regardless of what your hair type is and regardless of what condition your locks are currently in. With other similar treatments you are unable to have them performed if you have, for example bleached hair as your locks are considered to be too damaged to have any further chemicals added, with the Brazilian straightening system however there are no chemicals involved meaning even if you have bleached, coloured or afro hair you will be able to have this treatment applied. In fact the more damaged your locks are the better the treatment will work.

The technology surrounding hair care products is something that is continually getting better each day. This is clear from the fact that what seemed impossible a few years ago is now a reality. For example now months or even years worth of damage to your hair can be recovered in a matter of days thanks to technology such as this straightening treatment.

As I previously mentioned, this treatment doesn't use harsh chemicals on your locks. The way that this system works is by using something called keratin. Your locks are comprised of about 88% keratin, which is why this treatment is so natural. The keratin penetrates the hair, which repairs internal damage and coats your hair to prevent further damage. This creates results that are smooth, silky and straight. The treatment doesn't involve chemicals that reconstruct your locks, instead the keratin replenishes and reconditions while protecting the hair from water and heat damage and enhancing shine.

Due to the fact that the Brazilian straightening system produces a coating over the hair, there are certain aspects that you can't do for at least four days after as these things would break the coating, which would cause the treatment to fail. Don't wash your hair, tie it back or use clips. Don't pull it behind your ears, exercise or use hair bands. It is also important that you don't use glasses to hold your locks back or use hairsprays, gel or mousse.

Thanks to the overwhelming interest from a number of celebrities the Brazilian straightening system is now available in a number of salons across the UK. It is not something that is limited; anyone can get this treatment done. So if you are sick of the daily fights with your hair in order to get it looking half decent; get yourself to a salon today and get your appointment booked for the Brazilian straightening system now and start to see the results immediately!