Simple but Elegant Bun

"Now many more women that emphasizes the simple framework of the hair and elegant. They are less like the traditional form of hairpin because ribet," said Dinar, make up artist and hair stylist in the salon of Kat Street Hang Tuah Raya No. 20, Jakarta Selatan.

Dinar presents two models of hair that can be tried in their own home. Two models of hairpin ditawarkannya simple but elegant. "There are several kinds of hair styles that can be used as a guide. The style is very simple, so it can be done alone at home," he said.
Hairpin Dewi

Hairpin match is used on Kartini Day. Simple model and does not need much sasakan. Tahapannya following:
- For the hair into two sections, namely the top half and the bottom half. Then take the hair and the bottom of the bunch.
- Sasak dikucir hair that was it. After that, the hair and bangs sasak the top. Give a hairspray that hair stronger and durable.
- To the bottom of the hair, attach hairnet first, then turn towards the hair and in the jaws.
- Set the top of the hair, pull back and catch the hairpin.
- The remaining hair into shape and bukle. Add accessories to sweeten bun.
French Twist
This haircut is suitable for women who want to appear simple.
- For the hair into two sections and sasak. The bottom of the hair and being mashed to the right and dijepit the hairpin.
- Then, the right hair and drawn digulung head to the left, then dijepit. This model with a model called the twist.
- Hair that has been the top disasak be made to the rear. The remaining hair is formed bukle, and given dijepit hairspray.
- Bangs that have been mashed and disasak was drawn up and given the hairspray. Add accessories to make it more sweet.

Wig's Village Karangbanjar

The celebrities who flit like wig akan jubilance half may die if the opportunity to visit the Village Karangbanjar, Purbalingga. What article? In this village, there are hundreds of household menekuni expertise preparing the strand-strand of hair into various products wig, hairpin, or pine. Not to mention the dozens of large factories, scattered around the city Purbalingga, with tens of thousands of workers who are ready to produce millions of products and eyelash wig synthetic every month.

Karangbanjar village which is located approximately five kilometers northwest of the city Purbalingga, Central Java, since the 1970's has been synonymous with the craft of hair. The location is in the middle of the carpet near the rice field and the flow of rivers, the large village of mild valve is also famous as fishery products, agricultural and natural attractions. A complete village, indeed.

"But it rambutlah of the most famous early Karangbanjar make," said Atingah, the Village Head Karangbanjar. "From mid-1980's of products from hair copycat of our village, especially the hairpin and pine, have been spread to all over the country," said the mother together with her husband, Ngudiyono, manage the business of hair Fair Lady this.

Starting from only a few crafter, currently about 200 households with a pitch of his life to make handicraft products of the hair. Various types of handicrafts produced by the hair from the hand of the craftsman who most women. From various types and styles bun, pine, sasak, until the wig strand-strand curls or straight hair can be found here.
The Vitamin Poor
According Maryoto, owner of Hair Hair studio Vienna, Karangbanjar history of hair begins from the unique event. Narrate that he handicraft business in the hair Karangbanjar owe less on the vitamin. "The story here, 1960s, a lot of women's hair that is thin because of lack of vitamins, so disanggul difficult time weddings. If can, sanggulnya so small, "kisahnya while laughing terkekeh.

Tarmawi is a leader, a grandmother from Maryoto, the conditions change that. During one of his married neighbor, Tarmawi champion, which is helping the smug, outmanoeuvre tipisnya hair bun made with the bride's hair ties or pine. This grandmother had been collecting for the strand of hair strand rontokan neighbors, and with dipilah techniques cuthik (practice in the iron nails that ditancapkan to sebilah board, and hair ties disapukan repeatedly drawing the range to get hair strand-sheet with proportionate length). Hair ties that have been icuthik-d, and then cleaned with the boiled and then dried so that it becomes smooth and ready to be a hairpin.

Over time bergulirnya, handmade pine Tarmawi increasingly recognized leader in the bride. Many of them are pine with a book exchange of money. "Not the amount, only to change the term wong betel money," said Maryoto. Although not the return, in the year 1954 champion Tarmawi decided to make the expertise to make a pine profession. He also did not wait for more buyers, but around the menjajakannya from market to market around the Purbalingga. Business is then forwarded by grandchildren, Maryoto, the plunge in total in the year 1977.
"During the two decades that we are only selling pine. But starting 1980, when the hairpin is used to start many occasions, I also learned the official produce hairpin. How marketing is still the same, my pelvis from one market to another market, "Maryoto story. But this time the market is not only Purbalingga and surrounding cities only, but to Yogyakarta and Semarang. "Length of run, once people know my product, they began to come directly to the book home. Moreover, in many also began Karangbanjar citizens who make a bun, the choice becomes more and more buyers. "

Karangbanjar fame as the center of the hair also makes it easier to get the crafter of the hair. At the time, the previous time, they must find their own to salon-beauty salon, barber or hair to the pengepul in Central Java and East Java. At this time, the fact that pengepul to Karangbanjar. "Ibaratnya, now takes 5 tons of hair is we can get to easily," adds Maryoto.

However, the management of Paguyuban Tourism Village Karangbanjar this also does not regret the emergence of healthy competition between the craftsman to get the hair. "Here, the craftsman not compete in the marketing of products, but even jegal each other when looking for material," he said. "Many times we try to manage through a cooperative and paguyuban, but until now has not been successful as well," continued Maryoto.

Like saying "no sugar, no ant," the expertise and potential of the business of hair in the Village Karangbanjar attract a number of large capitalist. Began in 1999, appear one at a factory that produces products and hair cilia of synthetic imitation. Unfortunately, none of the 16 investors who have come from at this time in the country, all originating from South Korea.

"Mid-year 2005, even the entrance of the United States," said Maryoto. According to him, the new factory was established that this will be the largest and able to absorb 10,000 workers. "Factory-Korean factory that, at most every manufacturer employs only 2000 people only," augment him.

However, the presence of factories have capital is not a major hindrance for the home crafter. Section, most of the products produced by factories in the synthetic base materials and marketed abroad. "Most of their products from plastic hair why, so we do not tersaingi many," said Maryoto. Instead of as competitors, the presence of factories have even become a source for additional Rejeki Karangbanjar and surrounding areas.

"Rejeki is not because they made the factory employees, but the factories that make ritulan from crafter Karangbanjar," said Atingah. Ritulan is called the bond dipilah hair that has been based on the type and length of hair. "The factory was taken at least 10 inch long or about 27 centimeters. If less than that is considered not eligible and is usually re-processed by craftsman to make hairpin, pine, or sasakan wig, "added Atingah. Now, most of craftsman 200 switching from the hairpin ritulan a crafter.
Manjajaki Suriname
Menyoal marketing issues, both Maryoto holds Atingah and their products have a great opportunity to penetrate overseas markets. "Years ago I was requested to send sample products to Spain. Value is almost one million, plus the cost of shipping about 4 million. But because it is considered too thin and stylish Asia, eventually canceled orders, "said Maryoto.

Not jaded, and they then look Suriname countries as targets of marketing. Pertimbangannya in Suriname Javanese descendants of people who still hold the tradition of ancestors, including in berbusana. "But we do not have to start there because the capital constraints for the production and delivery. If there are investors who are interested, of course we will be happy to, "said Atingah.

The crafter Karangbanjar also realize that one of the spearhead of marketing is promotion. Therefore they do not shrink to the exhibition potential of various regions. "Most Semarang, sometimes also in Yogyakarta and Jakarta," said Maryoto. Diakuinya, order through exhibitions and marketing network products increasingly knowledgeable. Promotion is done through other brochures, the website managed by the local government and news media coverage.

"I remember once, the first television coverage in 1984 by TVRI Yogyakarta. If no one Reporternya Mas Joko Pitoyo. I am indebted to the coverage it once, because after a lot of buyers came from and claim to know TVRI broadcast that, "recollected Maryoto. Now, almost all television stations have covered the craft of hair in Karangbanjar.

"Especially when we make a giant bun in 2003. Bun this entry MURI record for reaching 170 kg weight with the size 3x2, 8 meters, "he added. Maryoto added cost of making a giant bun was reached Rp 15 million that are shared by the crafter. Until now bun is still displayed in the Regional Government Office Purbalingga. A region's economy Karangbanjar appropriate dibanggakan and developed.

Hair Full-directed imagination

Butterfly beautiful reddish-brown color of a perch in the model. Wing edges are animals appear green. Along lenggak-swing the model, large butterfly wings that spread the width of the pretentious.

Big butterfly that is one of the hairpin form of creative design Oktaviani, one of the students Rever Academy, 28 South Street. Yesterday (19 / 6), and ten friends Oktaviani creations compete in the event school graduation hairdo and make-up is.

Adu creatives feel that it is true total. Students as if the imagination of each through a lovely hairdo and unique. There is a butterfly theme, season, to the zodiac. Some students mengusung coiffure men. Other friends who compete bun style through unique creations. Overall all-out.

Each student must present five models and creative themed hair-free. They also are required to create the hair coloring (hair coloring). Of course, the clothes should not be abandoned. Although complex, the students did not trouble pouring their ideas in his works.
Stefanny Ong, for example. Inspired a variety of seasons in the world, create Stefanny coiffure that reflects the characteristics and uniqueness of each season. For example, a themed coiffure winter. Using a mix of white and highlight color in all parts of silver hair, Stefanny play with a short snippet of the layer. He also uses a lot of texture plus the impressive styling hair according to the rigid winter temperatures.

Among all the creative work of Stefanny, bun most interesting creations. Using a strap-brown belt that was formed around a young, long-haired girl is to present the gala display bun with a mix of white and silver colors. Themes hairdo named the Queen of Ice. ''I want to show the women of her elegant, mysterious, and cold like ice,''he said.

If Stefanny choose to create with the diversity theme season, Hilda Morita display creations Ayu nan simple style of Korea. Hilda playing with pieces asymmetric with the long hair is different. He also played point cut, pieces of the edge-edge hair''sharp''.

For coloring, Hilda uses many bright colors. For example, aqua marine blue, kecokelatan red, orange and brown. For creative bun, bun ala Hilda show-lady-in-waiting lady-in-waiting of Korea shaped with rounded accents-plait braid around the bun.

Among the 11 students that the presentation, two votes successfully meet the assessment criteria. In the performance, creativity, conformity with the theme, neatness, and coloring. That is, Stefanny Ong and Han Han.

Jury yesterday of Anna King, Marina adia Indra (Rever Academy), and Audid Rasidi (Shinjuku salon). Stefanny''very creative and detail. Han Han is very good in all the concepts, models start to choose the overall look,''said Marina adia Indra also the owner as well as artistic director Rever Academy.

Mens Short Flat Top Haircuts Special

Traditionally the hair in the very front is cut much shorter and the hair is gradually longer towards the back to still maintain the same flat appearance.

Mens Short Flat Top Haircuts
Mens Short Flat Top Haircuts
Mens Short Flat Top Haircuts

Hair Extensions, Easy Quick Fix Hairstyles

Hair extensions are easy to fix and the right hair care helps it to stay long. Hair extensions also come in pre-colored strips that can be braided or fixed. Caring is certainly required for the upkeep of hair extensions. Temporary hair extensions are also an innovative way to bring about change in your look. For a special party or simply for a makeover hair extensions can be easily resorted to.

Hair styles speak a lot about your personality. There are new styles each day. Teenage hairstyles are relying on hair extensions a lot. Fixing and removal of hair extensions is a lengthy procedure. A newly fixed hair extension requires a lot of adjustment. The sleep position and combing skills have to be fully mastered and slowly a routine sets in. Hair extensions are made of human hair and also other artificial ones come with synthetic settings.
Though in the range of clip-on extensions there are several do-it-yourself styles, one can engage in a hair salon to get a hang of it. The stylist at the salon is an expert at this job and it is an easy way to rely on their professional technique. Professional advice has to be regarded when it comes to styling the hair extension. The waft method is also a common way to increase the bulk of hair.

Synthetic wigs are also used to get the beehive hairstyle or any other dramatic retro hairstyle. Extensions like wigs are easy to remove and also light weight which becomes essential for adjustment. Individual strands are also attached to the hair which seamlessly blends with the color of the original hair. For streaking or highlighting one can use multi colored hair extensions though it is safer not to have contrasting colors.

The hair is usually parted in sections and the glue which is of the approved variety is used to attach the extension to the real hair strand. Usually the extensions last for about three or four months and hence it is better to remove the same at a reputed salon. Quality and gentle treatment of hair wash or styling is absolutely necessary for the extension to last. As the natural hair grows, the extensions will have to be adjusted to maintain the hair cut.

Stylish with Hair Accessories

Hair accessory has been used to adorn hair since the historic era. In any civilization we can have the instances of using different kind of hair ornaments and jewelry. In present day also hair accessories are being used for complementing the hair dos and styles. Different kinds of personalized style can be created with this kind of ornaments. It can be your wedding day, can be a informal party, may be it is a birth day party or it is a cocktail party. And, for every occasion you have the option applying these accessories as per your style. There is a huge variety of these accessories. Shapes, colors, size and styles determine their variety. Cute hair pins, long back clips, butterfly clips, ruffles, beads, diamonds, vibrant colored feathers, hair band etc. add an extra degree and beauty to your hair style.

You can have ethnic looking; heavy metal made hair jewelry or you can opt for chick, slick looking light modern hair accessories. Or you can go for a natural look only using flowers, ornamental leaves and colorful feathers. All you have to do to choose the right match.

If you are going to an evening’s party then you can go for a glamorous look. With your gorgeous party wear, wear jeweled hairpins, clips, beads or even feathers. Hair accessories like feathers; tiaras complement western outfits like cocktail dresses and evening gowns. But for wedding ceremony flowers are first and foremost choice for every bride be it western or be it Indian.

Now a day Indian brides are opting for orchids, roses and frangipanis instead of jasmine flowers twirled around the hair as tradition calls for. Experimenting with colorful and ornamental cloths, ribbons are also coming in. Only a single flower can add an extra grandeur to your wedding hairstyle, which might be impossible with too much heavy and gaudy jewelry adornments. Adornment should always be simple and should go with the bride’s personality. For western wedding style tiaras and veils are commonly used. But now they like bun decorated with beads and diamond the color schemes of their dresses.

Besides all these accessories there are also those, which are being used not for any special occasion but for daily usage. We are already accustomed to the varieties of hair bands, pins, sticks, barrettes and clips. But besides that you can always have a different look by a different haircut matched with a suitable accessory. And the special occasions like marriage, parties, ceremonies and calibrations are the best places when you can show off your style statement with a unique hair dressing matched with a gorgeous hair accessory.

So, the main thing is that accessory should be different as per occasion; color of accessory should complement your purse, outfit and footwear and above all you have to be comfortable with your accessory unless it will look misfit on you. Therefore, it is essential to give a little thought on the way you are going to give your look. Just be careful and act accordingly.

Trends For Kid's Hairstyles

The most popular hairstyles for young boys are the crew cut and short spikes. These hairstyles are shorter in length and easily manageable. Kids look cute with these hairstyles. Other cute hairstyles are the slight sweep and simple comb down. In slight sweep style, the hair is parted to one side and in simple comb down, the hair is slightly above the eyebrows with hairs simply combed down from all sides.

Because kids are so active, both boys and girls, hairstyles that are easy to manage and will not get tangled up easily are great everyday options. Because young boys will usually have easier to manage hair, young girls hairstyles take a little more effort to maintain at that age. Because young boys' hairstyles can be easily worn at any special occasion, it is much easier to get them ready.

Parents enjoy doing their daughters hair because there are handfuls of hairstyles for young girls. The most common are the short hair length and the shoulder length. Some parents also prefer keeping long hairs for their daughters. Long hairs are generally curled and waved. Parents usually tie a knot or ponytails so that their daughters can enjoy their playtime.

Because kids at this age are more concerned about playing rather than socially fitting in the crowd, hairstyles do not need to be the hot, fashionable ones. Hairstyles need to be simple, easy to manage, and for girls, not too long so that it does not hamper their fun on swings, slides, or other fun activities.

After 13, at teenage children are more excited and eager to try something new. They try different hairstyles and constantly keep on changing their hairstyles depending on the current trends. Girls generally try to copy the celebrity hairstyles like Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera. The most popular teenage hairstyles for girls are highlighting and long hair lengths with crimping, curling or braiding.

Punk hairstyles have remained the same since 70s with a few changes with time and fashion. Punk cool can be sported by wild, unconventional hair with uneven, ratty yet funky-cool cuts. A Mohawk hairstyle, characterized by a shaved scalp with strips of hair running across the crown of the head is the most common punk hairstyle.Bleaching and coloring are also common punk styles among teens.

Tips for Getting Beautiful Cornrows

The popularity of the cornrow hair style has increased since some decades. The cornrows hair styles look beautiful on women and men. It has become more popular in the young generation due to the reason that many of the celebrities and pop stars keep cornrows hairstyle. It looks so beautiful on the African American people. The craze and popularity of the cornrow hair style is an acceptable thing. In this article, we will explore some tips regarding the cornrows hairstyle that you will find helpful. By applying these tips, you can get more beautiful cornrows hairstyle.

Tip 1: The Length of your hairs:
The most important thing in hair braiding is the length of your hair. The length of your hairs depends upon the type of hairs. There are different standards of length for curly and straight hairs. The straight hairs may be of atleast 10cm long and the curly hairs should be atleast 5cm long. The more length of hairs would be helpful in loose braiding of hairs and cause less pain.
Tip2: Experience of the braid artist:
The person who is going to braid your hairs should be experienced enough. If he is not experienced, look for the other stylist as the style of your hairs is important. Look for a popular saloon in your city and always have a habit to go there. You should trust the artist and the artist should have self confidence and demos of his/her work.
Tip3: The pain to your hairs:
When hairs are braided, they pain because of tight braiding. The main thing to consider while braiding hairs is the tension of hairs. The tension should remain equal in the every section of hair. This is the most challenging act for any hair artist. If you wish that the hair braids should not pain you, you have to choose a very experienced hair stylist for your hair braids.
Tip4: keep your hairs clean:
For braids, the hairs must be clean. You need to take care of your hairs and look weather they are clean. Always use better products for your hairs. And always visit the saloon that is popular among many people. IF your hairs are not clean then everything is worst. You can never look beautiful in the cornrow hair style if your hairs are not properly cleaned.
Tip 5: Use a proper maintenance method:
When you are braiding your hairs using the African American cornrow hair style, you need to maintain your hairs carefully. For this, you have to know about the proper method of maintenance. You can know the method appropriate to you from your hair stylist as different method can be applied on different people depending upon the type and length of the hair.

It’s enough about tips and tricks. You can apply these tricks in your daily life to improve your hair braiding art. If you consider them and apply, you can get better result in the hair braiding and you can look more beautiful in the African American hair styles.

Buzz Haircuts - Very Short Hairstyles for Men 2009

hot mens very short hairstyle 2009
Pictures of Hot & Cool Men's Haircutsvery cool short haircuts for men
Very Short Haircuts  for men 2009
Pictures of very short hairstyles for men
mens Very Short Haircuts

Semi Formal Hairstyle

Focus on hair: Plan your outfit around your hair and shoes as these are the two main focal point on the female dressed body. Your dress, suit, handbag or other accessories will just flow naturally from here. It is just a fact that your hairstyle is your pride and joy. The past couple of years the semi formal hairstyle has grown in popularity and it seems like there is no stopping it anytime soon. It is of utmost importance for you not to cross the lines to either slop or overdone. The uber sexiest celebs opt for semi formal hairstyles-why shouldn't't you?

Event will decide: The occasion or event you are attending will determine whether you will do a casual, semi formal or formal style. Give yourself enough time to find out what the dress code is so that you don't have a last minute panic or rush with a flop being the result. Steer clear from casual or semi formal hairstyle at formal events such as dinners. This style is very popular at weddings, proms and business parties as it gives a little bit of whimsicality to a often stuck-up and boring event.
Both world: You should have the best of both world with a balance of simplicity and sophistication when you create or decide on a semi formal hairstyle.

Little or no product: The appearance of your style should be soft, shiny and flowing. This will not be achieved if to much product in the form of gel or hairspray even conditioner is used. It will just weigh the hair down and give a greasy and dirty look. No matter how much the effort or beautiful the style, that extra spray of hairspray can totally destroy it.

Little bit sparkle: Adding that bit of sparkle or jewel may just be enough to make the most boring or undone style into a perfect creation. Don't be afraid to accessorize. However do it in moderation. Extension or hair pieces from human, horse or synthetic hair can be added for that something extra that may be lacking in terms of volume or colour.

Up or down tips: Your style either up or down will determine if you will wear strapless or strappy. If you go updo opt for a strapless dress or top. This is also the best choice if you are not sure exactly what the dress code is. If you decide on straight hair, achieved either by ceramic iron or naturally, wear a strap top or dress.

Black Hairstyle

There are plenty of black hairstyles to choose from in this day and age. These choices include black hair weave styles, braided hairstyles, natural hairstyles, fades, long hair styles and short hair styles. With these many choices hair stylist have put together a gallery of styles to match any fashion statement.

Black Braided Hair Styles - Among the top black hair styles braided styles has to be in the top 10. Braiding is described as an interweave of three or more strands, strips or lengths of hair overlapping in a diagonal pattern. Stylist enhance braids by using human hair to make integrate shapes and colored patterns. Whether you have short hair or long hair Braids are an option for any women.

Another form of braiding is Micro braiding. Micro braids are smaller in nature than regular braid. The braids are done with a small overlapping pattern to form a skinny braid.

French roll Black Hair Style - the french roll hairstyle is a sophisticated style were the hair is twirled drawn back and pinned up in a roll on the back of the head. This is a very easy style and used more often when a women wants to get the hair off of her face. It is also a perfect style for those going on interviews.

Bob Hairstyles - The bob hairstyle is a very classy look. But their are plenty of bob styles to choose from. A classic bob haircut is the jaw line bob hairstyle. The front face of the hair is cut short to the eyebrows and the sides are cut the the jaw line. The ends at the jaw lines are tapered up slightly to round off the style all around the head. The front is also rounded slightly.

The natural black hair style - the natural look is when women stop relaxing there hair and start using natural products that are chemical free. There are plenty of styles to choose from when striving for a natural hair style. Braiding is a common occurrence for those doing the natural hair style. It is easy to care for and the style look very good. There are a lot of products on the market to help. Be sure the read up on the product and find out how the product will react in your hair.

The Meaning Behind Emo Hairstyles

Emo hairstyles are one expression of youth culture that has seen an upsurge in popularity. The flamboyant styles are fashionable and creative and each individual look has something different to communicate to the world.

The new emo expression does in fact have it's roots in a bygone age of popular music. During the 1980's, the musical revolution of punk rock gave birth to the emotional or emotive hardcore musical sound. Emo is the modern day short form of 'emotional' and thus emo hairstyles refer to the punk movement of the past but with very contemporary cultural expressions combined. Some might like to call any hairstyle that looks loud and unconventional as emo but those who consider themselves as emo purists, have very clear ideas about what actually qualifies as a true emo hairstyle.
The whole point of emo hairstyles is to express individuality and each person tries to create their own unique look. Therefore, it is not easy to isolate exactly what a typical emo hairstyle looks like since variety is the name of the game. However, despite this, emo hairstyles do share some common characteristics that help create the classic emo look. The wearing of fringes or bangs are a very distinctive feature for example. Fringes are usually long and brushed to the side although some are much shorter and cut with abrupt edges.

Emo boys and girls are especially fond of extremely dark or extremely light coloured hair. Black is perhaps the most popular although white is very common too. The basic colour is usually contrasted with luminous highlights of a single or multitude of other colours. Highlights can be thin streaks or large sections of opposing coloured hair. Some emo hairstyles omit highlights and rely on a single shocking colour to create the emo look.

Emo hairstyles often appear unruly or even unkempt. This look is deliberately sought by the wearer who might go to great pains to get their hair to look 'messed up'. The uncontrolled appearance is seen as an expression of spontaneity and freedom. You will rarely find emo hairstyles that are constrained by hair accessories and loose free hair is the preferred look to coincide with internal feelings of liberation. Older generations might look at emo hairstyles as outrageous or as a young persons decline toward maladjustment but this is rarely the case.

Emo hairstyles are an expression of creativity and the young people that wear them are often very creative individuals indeed. It doesn't matter where an emo hairstyle is long or short or whether it is washed daily or weekly, what matters for the emo boy and girl is that their hair helps stand them out as an individual in their own right.

Ancient Greek Hairstyle

Since Greece was the oldest civilization, the Greeks were the trendsetters of a number of things, the ancient Greek hairstyles inclusive! In the simplest of terminology, hairstyle is a style in which an individual’s hair is cut and set. The hairstyles of Greeks were an indispensable part of their personalities, aptly reflecting the social, political and cultural history of the Greek period. These hairstyles were also a revelation of the customs, uniqueness and characteristic persona of the ancient Greeks.

Ever since the beginning of civilization, men and particularly women have been paying a lot of attention to the way their hair is done. Women obviously have been always more overprotective about their hair, because well-kept hair are a part of the concept of good looks, adornment and pleasant appearance. Even in the times as far back in history as the Greek civilization, people have paid attention to beauty and personal hygiene.
The most ancient of hairstyles were a result of the use of knives, hairpins and combs. As time passed, women started using hair additions and artistic wigs. In fact, ancient women were all considered more attractive if their hair were long as well as thick. It was believed that the length and thickness of hair lent it greater beauty and added on to a woman’s appearance.

The hairstyles of ancient Greeks were unique in more ways than one. The most popular hairstyle was the ‘Green Knot’. For this particular style, the ancient Greek women used to hold their hair together and formed a knot at the neck. Ever since those times, buns and knots have always been in fashion, with novel variations. Ancient Greeks also made use of saffron to lighten the color of their hair, so as to further enhance the style.

It was not that only Greek women had a fascination for hairstyles, the Greek men were not too far behind either; the most common hairstyle that most Greek men in ancient times sported was - short and curly. As newer fashion trends came up, these people added a variety of embellishments to their hairstyles. Most of these decorations were made of gold, silver and ivory.

During one of the ancient Greek periods, there is a record of the hair being short, chin-length as well as curly. With the advent of fashion and a consciousness towards looking fashionable, hairstyling trends started becoming increasingly imaginative. The hairstyles that gained popularity were those ornamented with ribbons, gold, precious stones and pearls.

There was also a period in Greek history, when the focus from the hairstyles went into hibernation. Even the use of wigs became less common. Later, however, with the advancement in technology an ever-increasing number of men and women started going to the hairdressers, in order to bring an absolutely new look to their personality, via the hairstyle route. The ‘comparatively modern’ of the ancient Greek hairstyles included ‘crimping’ – a style in which waves were produced in the hair, using a hot iron. Such a style was in vogue for a long time in ancient Greece. Even in the present times, crimping is the most chosen hairstyle for young girls, especially if they desire a unique look of Greek hairstyles!

Fall 2008 Celebrity Short Haircuts Fashion For Men Cool

Johnny Depp--Cool mens short hairstyles
Johnny Depp short hairstyles
Colin Farrell--Cool mens short hairstyles
collin farell short hair styles
Johnny Depp--Cool mens short hairstyles
Johnny Depp short hairstyle
Brad Pitt
Braddpit short haircuts
Jude Law--Cool mens short hairstyles
Jude Law short hair
Jude Law--Cool mens short hairstyles
Jude Law short hairstyle
Josh Hartnett--Cool mens short hairstyles
Josh Hartnett short hairstyles
Gael Garcia Bernal--Cool mens short hairstyles
Gael Garcia Bernal short haircuts

Zac Efron Short Hairstyles For Men 2009

Zac Efron is one of the hottest young male celebrities in hollywood.He is the heart throb for lots of teen girls in united states of america.He has got blonde hair with a short layered hairstyle looks cute for men with oval faces, long or oblong faces as it adds width in the sides.

zac efron short layered hairstyles for men
2008 fall short hairstyles for men
zac efron punk mohawk hairstyles for teenage boys
Most of the zac efron hairstyles can be easily styles with a razor cut to add softness, volume and texture to the haircut.These layered hairstyles with blond ahir can be maintained simply if hair is trimmed regularly.Take a look at various zac efron hairstyles for this fall 2008 haircuts- short layered haircut, messy haircut, mohawk hair, crop hair,classy hairstyles etc..

classy short layered blonde hairstyles for hot men
short layered cute celebrity haircuts for men
2009 celebrity short crop hairstyles for men
zac efron shirtless wet hairstyles for boys
Zac Efron shirtless by mystexile.
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Wentworth Miller Celebrity Buzz Hair cuts

Wentworth Earl Miller is a Golden Globe-nominated British-born American actor who rose to stardom following his starring role as MichaelScofield in the Fox Network television series prision break

Wentworth Miller Celebrity Buzz Hairstyles
went worth miller Celebrity Buzz Hairstyles
Wentworth Miller celebrity Hairstyles
Wentworth miller's most favorite hairstyle is the buzz cut in which he completely shaves his head to look like a convict in prison break, he looks handsome in buzz haircut which became a trend-setter in US after michael scofield character.

Wentworth Miller Celebrity Buzz Haircuts
Wentworth Miller Celebrity Buzz Haircuts