Tom Cruise's Short Hairstyles -Hairstyles For Men 2009

Tom cruise short messy hairstyle for men
tom cruise tuxedo hairstyle for man
tom cruise layered celebrity short haircuts
tom cruise cropped haircuts for boys

He wore hair in different styles - messy, crop, layered,very short,buzz, butch haircut ,tuxedo style, sporty , classy styles.Choose your most suitable hairstyle among these hair styles of tom cruise.

neatly brushed up hairstyle for guys
Tom cruise mens short buzz hairstyles
2008 fall cool mens short formal hairstyles
celebrity short blonde hairstyle for guys

Leonardo Dicaprio's Short Hairstyles winter 2009

Male celebrity hairstyle - Leonardo Dicaprio's short hairstyles
short hairstyles  Leonardo Dicaprio's spiky mohawk hairs tyles
Male celebrity hairstyle Leonardo Dicaprio's short messy hairstyles
Leonardo Dicaprio

summer Military Haircuts for Men - Crew Cut Hairstyles

A lot cool guys love this Military haircuts, whether you are in Military or not. Its just cool and easy to do.

Military haircuts For Men
Male Military haircuts
Military haircuts
Cool Military haircuts for guys
Cool Military haircuts for men
Cool Military haircuts for men
Cool Military haircuts for men
short Military haircuts for men
short Military haircuts for men

Highlight your Hairstyle with Beautiful Colour

Almost all of us are always on the look out for that 'elixir of youth', that extra something that would give us eternal youthful appearance. Fortunately for all of us, hair highlights are here. Hair color highlights can help you get a totally new, and more importantly, younger look. Remember hair highlighting can be quite a technical job unlike simple hair coloring jobs and are best done in a salon. Techniques such as foil highlights and hair painting are time consuming and therefore hairstyle highlight is something that is best done by a professional. You can also take a photo of someone whose hair color highlights you admire, when you visit the salon. In fact, going through such photos would help you form an 'idea' about what exactly will suit you. There are a few simple tips though that can help you choose the right hair color. It is always preferable that olive toned people go in for darker colors while red shades would look great on those who are pink-toned. For those of you who are yellow toned, orange and yellow based colors are a strict no-no, while other colors are fine.

Different Hair Highlights Techniques

Hair highlights can make you the cynosure of all eyes, if done properly. Remember hair highlights do need more than just a bit of skill. Hair highlights also depend to a large extent on the overall texture and health of your hair. It would also depend on the number of hair highlights that you want. Since there are so many issues involved, it is always best done at the salon.

Successful hair color highlights are done in three ways. One of the techniques involves applying bleach to the strands of hair and then actually wrapping them up in foil. This technique known as 'foiling' and gives good results, since it is done very close to the hair roots. The next technique is hair painting. It can be done both at the salon and at home. You just pick up a brush and apply bleach on to the hair in this method. The third method is quite tedious. In this method you place a plastic cap with a number of small holes on the head. You then pull strands of hair through these holes and then bleach them with the colors of your choice.

Hairstyle Highlighting Ideas

While there are many techniques available, most of the times you may actually run out of ideas when it comes to hairstyle highlights. For instance you may be tearing your hair in despair, confused as to which are the colors that would match your hair in the first place. You can always do with a few handy tips here. If you are someone who is looking for a highlight for dark hair, you should not go 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair color when it comes to highlights. You can try out tones of red or a blend of gold and copper, which would look good on you. Similarly brunettes would look great with brown hair highlights. A professional hair stylist may be able to guide you through all these aspects. You can also try browsing through virtual hairstyle websites, where you can get a fair idea as to which are the colors that would suit you.

Hair Color Highlights Trends

Bright colors highlights are the trend this season. Hot reds for instance are in. So too are rose, burgundy and crimson. The secret here is to mix n' match, while keeping it as light and natural as possible. Your head is literally your canvas and make it come alive in all its vibrancy with hair highlights.

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Asian Hairstyle

There are many ideas for asian hairstyles. The asian hair is always linked with a unique look. Because the asian hair is very porous so it is a good feature as it can hold different hairstyles.

If you are a asian woman or man, then you should know that any hairstyle can suit you. Mostly asian women loves to keep their long in length as they have smooth, silky hair. Long layered cut hair may be a wonderful choice.

For a formal occasion like wedding or prom, creating updo hairstyles are also easy with long hair. During the spring time, ponytails are certainly another asian hair style you can go for. Long Asian hairstyles require more maintenance than with short length hair.

Asian Hairstyles Pictures Ideas

Cute Asian Hairstyle
Not too short, this medium hairstyle looks cute on every face shape.
Wavy hairstyle Picture
Wavy hairstyle for Asian Teen Girls!
Shiny short hairstyle for asian women Asian hair have built-in shine and can be styled to look beautiful with a few accessories.

Short Asian Hair Styles Trends

Short Hair styles also look fantastic on asian women. You will easily find many asian celebrities spotting short hairstyle in any event or fashion magazine

. Bob is a popular hair style for asian hair. Both, medium length bob and short asymmetrical bob hairstyle for ideal for asian hair.

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The Mohawk Hairstyles Galleries

This mohawk hairstyle picture gallery shows how hairstyle form crosses boundaries and how adaptable it is to different lifestyles.

The majority of teens girls that choose mohawks do so as an expression of what they like and of being themselves, more so than just choosing a hairstyle for the sake of getting noticed.

Rather than just showing traditional punk mohawks, pictures were chosen to show how the basic style and lines can be modified.

Mohawks are blended into hairstyles by teen guys and girls, housewives, and by high fashion.

The Ultimate Women's Mohawk?

Although Pink and other rockers have worn some pretty great mohawks over the years, this style worn by Christina Aguilera ranks as number one on our list!

In this women's mohawk gallery you can view modifications of the mohawk, some hairstyles are to the extreme and some that just follow the line a little.

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Mohawk Hairstyle History

The Clonycavan Man, a 200-year-old male bog bodyDublin, Ireland, was found to be wearing a Mohawk, held together with plant oil and pine resin imported from southwestern France or Spain.[1] The Mohawk, which can also be known as "Moonhawk" in some countries, is often thought to have been worn by the Mahican and Mohawk tribes, but the name may be a misnomer; it is believed that the Wyandot were the first Native American tribe to wear the hairstyle, but early French explorers mistook them for the Mohawk tribe. Many other accounts of Native American cultures however claim that 'In times of war, Mohawk men shaved their heads except for a scalplock or a crest down the center of their head--the hairstyle known as a roach or a "Mohawk." [2] During World War II, members of the Allied Airborne soldiers (specifically the 101st Airborne Division - the "Screaming Eagles") shaved their hair into Mohawks.[3] found near

The classic fanned Mohawk.

In more recent times, both sides of the head are shaven or buzzed, and the remaining hair is long and often spiked in the middle. The hairstyle is generally known as a "Mohawk" in the United States and a "Mohican" or "Mowie" in the United Kingdom. In Punk fashion, the Mohawk is often dyed brilliant colors and the center strip of hair worn so that it points straight up, often to impressive height. The adaptation of the Mohawk by anarchist leaning punk rockers symbolically designated their involvement in a war against authority, most often being the government or capitalism. The Mohawk also appears in the Goth subculture, a close relative of punk, with the hair spiked or long. It is then commonly cut or decorated further.

African-American poet Roger Bonair-Agard wearing a mohawk iin 2007.

Besides as part of punk fashion, the Mohawk became known with the popularity of Mr. T, the actor who first became famous playing the boxer Clubber Lang in the movie Rocky III and later as Sgt. B.A. Baracus in the television series The A-Team.

Another well-known popular culture depiction of the Mohawk came from Martin Scorsese's 1977 film Taxi Driver. Inspired by Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver, Richie Stotts of the New York punk band The Plasmatics got a Mohawk haircut in January 1979, followed by Jean Beauvoir and Wendy O. Williams in 1980. The Plasmatics appeared on the American comedy TV show Fridays on January 16, 1981, which introduced the Mohawk to U.S. pop culture, while the band's albums and tours popularized the hairstyle in the UK and Europe.[4] In 2005, the Mohawk seemed to receive a brief and small revival among the mainstream, as claimed in Eric Wilson's Sep 1, 2005 article in The New York Times, "The Mohawk Becomes, Well, Cute." In the article, Wilson argued that part of the revival was caused by Angelina Jolie's adopted son, Maddox Jolie.

A modified version of this hairstyle, the fauxhawk, became somewhat popular in the 2000s.


The Mohawk, by its nature, and depending on the type of hair the wearer has, is typically a high-maintenance style, although after practice, can become quite routine for the wearer and done in a much shorter amount of time. Depending on the specific look desired by the wearer, regular, careful shaving may be required to maintain a clean line between the shaven and long parts of the hair; this can be especially complicated in bi- and tri- hawks.

If the hair is to be worn up, 30 minutes or more of laborious styling, including brushing, backcombing (teasing), twisting and so on, may be required. Some styles are particularly difficult to put up, requiring the use of very strong-hold hair gels and sprays, and in some cases other holding agents like shoe polish, toothpaste, wood, white or clear glue, egg whites, cornstarch, or gelatin. The amount of time required for styling may increase considerably with longer hair or styles that require even spikes and lines. Depending on the method used to spike a Mohawk, it can take much less than 20 minutes. The use of glue and a blow-dryer cuts down considerably on the time needed. The best way to do it and keep it clean would be to apply strong hair spray to dry hair from the bottom and work your way up to the top while blow drying. The easiest way to maintain longer mohawks is to put it into liberty spikes; this is much faster and holds much longer.

However, once the Mohawk is up it can be easily maintained for an extended period. By sleeping on the side of the head with the Mohawk extending in the air, daily maintenance takes only a few minutes of reinforcement touching up. Depending on what is used to put the Mohawk up, and the conditions it endures, a Mohawk can stay erect for several weeks. Some wearers enhance the look of their Mohawks using hair dyes. This, too can require a great deal of initial effort and maintenance, especially in styles where the color(s) form an integral part of the style. In some cases, for example, Mohawk-wearers who normally wear their hair up in a fan style dye the hair in even lines or stripes of color, either horizontal or vertical.

Reverse Mohawk

Reverse Mohawks are Mohawk haircuts in reverse (the opposite of a Mohawk), essentially a shaven straight line (usually wide enough for a disposable razor or electric hair clippers) from the forehead to the nape of the neck leaving hair on either side of the line. This haircut is also known as the Nohawk, Antihawk, HawkMo, Highway, Catwoman (after Soo Catwoman), Polish Mohawk, and Skunk.

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Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk hairstyles will always have a place in society. From American Indians who used to wear them to the punk rockers of today, mohawk hairstyles have always caught attention. If your a punk rocker, not Rock and Roll long hair, but an I don't care, the wilder my hair looks the better, then you probably have either wanted or already tried mohawk hair.
For us punk rockers, mohawk hairstyles allows expression while looking freaking awesome and has always been a favorite punk hairstyle. I have even heard of it compared to roosters red crown and how they are used to showoff themselves. When I sported my mohawk hair, what I focused on was getting the mohawk hairstyle has high as possible and with as much color to make it stand out. We will list some of the best mohawk hairstyles and a few of the worst.

Easy Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk hair is very easy to have done. The mohawk is basically a strip of hair of varing length from either your forehead or further back that runs to the back of your head. Hair length can be long, short, spiky, wave, or any other creative shaping. Usually a mohawk is a couple of inches wide but can vary depending on the look. Using very long-lasting and very strong gel, mold the hair into any shape as long as it all flows inline. I recommend TIGI BEDHEAD Hard Head Mohawk because that stuff really molds your hair and allows you to get creative.

Mohawk hairstyle Types

There are many different types of mohawk hairstyles and I am proud to say I have sported many of them. My tip is to v ary the size and shaping of your hair every time you go out because the different looks just look awesome. Going to thin or too wide on the strip is also a bad idea because it just doesn't give the mohawk hair look.

Types of Mowhawk Hair

Long and Pointy - with this style, hair is long andmolded into sharp, pointy strands that stick upright, the strands can either go inline or stick out in varying degrees for a even more wild punk hairstyle

Short and spiky - this mohawk hairstyle uses a little wider amount of hair that is much shorter in length, it is much like a strip of carpet as all the short hairs are spike up along the strip

Horses Mane - this mohawk hair is one of my favorites because it reminds me of those old gladiator movies with their helmets with strands of horse hair flowing along the back, but here its actually on your head and it looks great, the secret here is to have medium hair length with a little wider strip which can be spike towards the center to form a triangular link.

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Rock and Rolls Hairstyles

My favorite things are mixed up in the creation of this new hair establishment. They have used creativity, art, music and a unique concept all their own, in putting this new hair digs together.

Owners, Michael Portman and Jayson Rapaport, are corporate business dropouts and old friends, who decided to put a little more fun in their lives. Portman, previously a writer in LA and Rapaport who worked on Wall Street, put their heads together and came up with the concept; a hair salon that’s also a music venue.

One thing Michael and Jayson wanted to bring to market was a place for the guys to go. “We want guys to feel like Norm walking into Cheers. And we’re a no-appointment establishment because we know guys don’t wanna make appointments. They just want to walk in and get it done on the way back from the Home Depot.”

So, throwing tradition to the wind,“Birds Barbershop” was created. They hired local interior design guru, Joel Mozersky, who was responsible for, “Real World : Austin,” on MTV. His artistic flair, using black walls, lighting you might see at a rock concert, and a stage where live music or a DJ sometimes performs, all add to a give it that local nightclub feel that Austin has in its blood.

Most unique to the shops charm might arguably be, a 40 foot screen printed mural, by local artist Bryan Keplesky, as you enter the shop. But, also as you are waiting for a new coif, you can play foosball, read funky comics and great magazines, use Wi-Fi, or if a band isn’t on stage, kick back and groove on some cool tunes from the custom sound system or Jukebox. Maybe that’s why so many folks like to “hang out all day.” And the no-appointment concept works for everyone.

Quality service at a decent price was a high priority for these folks. Here are some prices, as of this writing;

  • Mohawk . . . . $15.00

  • Rockstar . . . $25.00

  • Basic Men’s . . . $ 19.00

  • Straight Razor Shave . . . $19.00

  • Ladybird . . . $39.00 ( shampoo, cut, style)

Birds Barbershop opened May 20, 2006 and portrays the welcoming of both genders in its name. (Bird, as slang for the feminine) They have both barbers and stylists on staff. Even though it’s not explicitly for men, it does cater more to a mans’ liking than the typical hair salon.

These folks instinctively knew Austin was the town to embrace them. “Austin inspires and rewards innovation,” says Portman.

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The Fashion Rambut Emo style and Harajuku Hair Style

At this time often was met by us the hair discount that various forms and his variation. One of them was Fashion Rambut Emo and Harajuku. Eitsss wait a minute, Emo and Harajuku this not the name of the person but fashion hair that again tren in his time. This was proven to be young by most children at this time especially the student liked tern this hair.
Tren hair berponi that was combed neat nearby covered the eyes and short in the rear was the main Emo characteristics style. This hair discount was known by many adolescents in the past year. Like the Iyan Kasela hair discount the Radja band vocalist, Kangen the band and still many others. Emo Style this was called biased hair. Whereas the hair discount random-acakan and unique was Harajuku Style that was identical to the Japanese hair discount, this hair discount already ngtren several years later.
But whether with the Emo hair discount and Harajuku this did not disturb the male adolescent who is usually identical to short hair?? In July said, liked the modern hair discount that is Emo and Harajuku. This hair discount depicted the character of the adolescent most that did not want to be restricted olehapa also and who. ‘’Biar looked stylish and gaul,’’ said this current tall guy berstatus the student in the Faculty Of Pedagogy (FKIP) the Language and Literature.
The similar matter was explained by Bankga, the student the Muhamadiyah University (Umri) the route of Faskultas Ilmu Komunikasi (Fasilkasi). He claimed that finding teak himself by having Harajuku hair. ‘’Dengan hair like this I felt comfortable and more the Self-confidence alias in when attending the activity that be connected with remaja,’’ said the guy Chines that liked ngikutin the evolution hair style (the style of hair).
Even so with Dirga and Edhi. The student SMAN 12 this really liked tren modern hair that is Harajuku. according to Dirga the Harajuku hair model more good-looking if being modified with colours of hair. ‘’Apalagi that had an oriental face more will get along well with the leading figure animasi Jepang,’’ continued Edhi.
It is another matter with Riko this Unri student. He said hair that followed the global development was Rock n Roll. ‘’Gaya hair that geometric and spike everything was mixt the element gimbal,’’ he said while ngebas to Xpresi when being met in Fakultasnya FKIP Bahasa and Literature.
Appear at first glance evidently the Emo name and Harajuku this had whichever history the Emo name personally was the abbreviation from Emotional. Emo that came from the musical current that told all about the feeling someone who emerged as a result of losing hope, masokis, whined and was thrown away. Afterwards meluapka him in music. Old kelamaan Emo developed by the lifestyle, the behaviour of humankind that claimed to be himself was Emo.
Whereas this Harajuku name was the name of the place from a small region in Tokyo, Japan. To be precise in the area around the Harajuku station. A station that close to Sibuya. Since that of Harajuku became the gathered place of children's young favourite that had an unique appearance and nyentrik. They were free berekspresi and berdandan that his inspiration was taken from the leading figures animasi Japan. Could not be ignored that the development of the time always brought the change for available cultures.

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Asian Male Celebrity Hairstyles - Short stylish Haircuts

Asian fashion Haircuts For Men -Mens Asian haircuts
Nam Hyun Joon
Nam Hyun Joon, often referred to as Poppin' Hyun Joon or Happy Hyun Joon, is a famous Korean contemporary dancer. He is best known for his unique popping techniques. He is also a former rapper for Young Turks Club, and is now going back to the music industry, with his recent release of his latest album One & Only.

Short haircuts for men Asian -hot mens haircuts
Asian Fashion Short Haircuts For Men
mens short Asian haircuts -cool mens short haircuts
mens short asian haircuts