Hair Full-directed imagination

Butterfly beautiful reddish-brown color of a perch in the model. Wing edges are animals appear green. Along lenggak-swing the model, large butterfly wings that spread the width of the pretentious.

Big butterfly that is one of the hairpin form of creative design Oktaviani, one of the students Rever Academy, 28 South Street. Yesterday (19 / 6), and ten friends Oktaviani creations compete in the event school graduation hairdo and make-up is.

Adu creatives feel that it is true total. Students as if the imagination of each through a lovely hairdo and unique. There is a butterfly theme, season, to the zodiac. Some students mengusung coiffure men. Other friends who compete bun style through unique creations. Overall all-out.

Each student must present five models and creative themed hair-free. They also are required to create the hair coloring (hair coloring). Of course, the clothes should not be abandoned. Although complex, the students did not trouble pouring their ideas in his works.
Stefanny Ong, for example. Inspired a variety of seasons in the world, create Stefanny coiffure that reflects the characteristics and uniqueness of each season. For example, a themed coiffure winter. Using a mix of white and highlight color in all parts of silver hair, Stefanny play with a short snippet of the layer. He also uses a lot of texture plus the impressive styling hair according to the rigid winter temperatures.

Among all the creative work of Stefanny, bun most interesting creations. Using a strap-brown belt that was formed around a young, long-haired girl is to present the gala display bun with a mix of white and silver colors. Themes hairdo named the Queen of Ice. ''I want to show the women of her elegant, mysterious, and cold like ice,''he said.

If Stefanny choose to create with the diversity theme season, Hilda Morita display creations Ayu nan simple style of Korea. Hilda playing with pieces asymmetric with the long hair is different. He also played point cut, pieces of the edge-edge hair''sharp''.

For coloring, Hilda uses many bright colors. For example, aqua marine blue, kecokelatan red, orange and brown. For creative bun, bun ala Hilda show-lady-in-waiting lady-in-waiting of Korea shaped with rounded accents-plait braid around the bun.

Among the 11 students that the presentation, two votes successfully meet the assessment criteria. In the performance, creativity, conformity with the theme, neatness, and coloring. That is, Stefanny Ong and Han Han.

Jury yesterday of Anna King, Marina adia Indra (Rever Academy), and Audid Rasidi (Shinjuku salon). Stefanny''very creative and detail. Han Han is very good in all the concepts, models start to choose the overall look,''said Marina adia Indra also the owner as well as artistic director Rever Academy.